Case File 137 with Lilith Lovett

This week on Thought Cops, we’re joined by the fantastic Lilith Lovett, aka Medizy! You may know Lilith from her Twitter account, her Twitch streams, or from her appearances on Short Fat Otaku!

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Field Notes

Post your four favorite Jokers and Officers Kevin and Grant will decide whether or not you have rights. That’s the Thought Cops promise. If your list doesn’t include Mark Hamill’s Joker, and if he doesn’t have giant anime titties, you’re WRONG. If your Joker dances to pedophile music, you’re also wrong. If your Joker doesn’t say the n-word, to the gulag with you. God I hope we don’t have to talk about the fucking Joker anymore on this show.

Speaking of “jokers,” South Park manages to get deleted from an entire country for being too offensive. Do the Chinese not have human rights?!? We also talk about Gamer Girl Bath Water Girl getting arrested for getting her hamster stolen and drawing on someone’s car and honestly the more I read about her the more I sympathize with the Joker. #weareallclowns

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