Case File 136 with Jake Jacobson

Konnichiwa! This week on Thought Cops, we’re joined by Jake Jacobson, formerly Mark Whitney of the former American Tribune, currently the curator of the This is an Interesting Political Compass page on Facebook. He’s here to help promote our joint venture NARUTO RUN AROUND EVERY TRUMP TOWER (IN THE WORLD), an event you should definitely check-in to and invite all your friends to.

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Field Notes

This week, we’re taking down one of the biggest culprits to all of the ills of society: Science. I fucking hate it! Followed up by digging up dead people like George Carlin to help us win political arguments for us. And we finally tackle the problem of poor men making less money than women and how that’s somehow a microaggression against women because now they have to marry some poor schmuck that makes less money than them. Gotta blame someone for… poverty, I guess.

Also, you can go ahead and throw away your Halloween costume, because apparently Halloween is CANCELLED. And make sure to throw out your husband and your trans child, because according to Hillary Clinton, that’s basically the same thing. Although according to this article she didn’t so what the fuck do I know. Like comment and subscribe, citizen.

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