Case File 135 with Garrett Hunter of Mega64

We sure do love ya- Garrett Hunter is back on the show! Garrett is a member of the comedy group Mega64, who have been putting out top-tier videos online since 2003. Garrett also hosts a weekly Mega64 streaming/call-in show, the Poorly Played Stream, every Wednesday night over on their twitch channel!

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Field Notes

We announced our exclusive, not to be missed event: Thought Cops’ Naruto Run Around Every Trump Tower In The World. Follow the link to RSVP and share on Facebook, no matter where you are, or who you are! Let’s change the world together, one shinobi at a time. #NotMyHokage

We also re-appeared on the Hard Men Working Hard’s podcast Filler Content this week, and Grant was on a recent episode of the Rich Dickman podcast. Find them wherever podcasts are found!

Joker Update: we’re talking about America’s favorite joker, The Joker, yet again! This time: the military is involved! Carson King raises over a million dollars for charity, gets cancelled for some posts he did as a teen, and then the canceller who cancelled him gets cancelled. Game on! Justin Trudeau also gets cancelled for being a little too into cosplay, and we talk about live leak fight video comment sections.

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