Case File 130 LIVE with Asterios Kokkinos and Sirancha

Finally- a live Thought Cops spectacular. And what better way to kick off our first live show than with our good friends Asterios Kokkinos and Sirancha, at the beautiful Crowd Theater in Chicago! It isn’t Thought Cops On Ice, but it is the next best thing.

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Field Notes

Asterios and Sirancha stop by Neo-Chicago on their Loudest Podcast tour, and we get together for a Thought Cops live special to delight the masses.

We gotta keep it real though. Conan, we love you, but podcasting is our game. Until you let us have our own late night show, stay the hell off the cover of Wired magazine. The artist formerly known as Bagel Boss is in some legal heat, The Simpsons post cringe, and why the fuck doesn’t Wario have any nipples?

So tune in to the show and watch it on YouTube if you can, because we’ve got some surprise appearances you won’t want to miss, including Brad Carter, creator of Phone Losers Of America!

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

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