Case File 129 with Roast Mortem Cast

This week on Thought Cops we’re joined by all four members of the podcast Roast Mortem! If you haven’t checked em out yet, they do a great show where they roast the shit out of dead people. And as it turns out, most of them deserve it.

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Thought Cops episode featuring Roast Mortem podcast

Field Notes

This episode, Cody, Mike, Tom, and Travis throw their history books out and pick up a the book of LAW. With their help, we take down the cafeteria table meme, self-righteous news anchors, Facially Exaggerated Clickbait Engagement Screencaps, the entire internet for destroying our Geocities sites, the overdone trend of turning every song into a metal cover, and irritating Instagram features.

That’s not all though. There’s a new slur in town: Fredo. Coined by a guy who really likes coining slurs for himself. People are also upset that Rocko’s Modern Life made a character trans. Looks like that show’s about to get fucking cancelled. I wanted “modern life,” not “post-modern neo-Marxist” life. News also broke this week that everybody’s favorite porn star Mia Khalifa only made $12,000 from her brief career in pornography. Please donate to her Porntreon.

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

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