Case File 128 with Justin Whang

Creator of Tales From The Internet, Justin Whang (Instagram / Twitter) is back on the show! Justin’s channel is about to hit 500,000 subscribers, so be sure to hit that big red subscribe button and you might just be the lucky 500,000th subscriber. Maybe Justin will give you a prize or something, I don’t know.

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Field Notes

Point of privilege: we are going to be talking throughout the episode. There is also some clapping, so keep in mind this episode may not be for the faint of heart. So yes, we do talk about that DSA video.

Did You Know? In the face of national tragedy, people still die from the flu. Thanks Neil deGrasse Tyson. People are letting this guy scoot by because he’s a meme, right? Well, at least he isn’t a dog-beating YouTuber.

All that, and YOUR listener voicemails? You better believe it- don’t miss this episode!

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