Case File 121 with Danny Thompson of ShadowForks Games

I hope you’re all standing, because we’re about to start a new episode of Thought Cops! Joining us this week is Danny “The Street” Thompson of ShadowForks Games. He’s here to talk to us about the ethics in games journalism.

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Field Notes

Make sure to check out our call into Mega 64’s Poorly Played Stream!

Here’s Danny’s video about Death Note: The Musical:


This week, we try not to let the existential dread kick in as we talk about ironically detached stock phrases, the lack of sympathy the internet has for people, and the litter all over the streets and sidewalks. Danny also regales us with tales of his trip to E3.

This week we also make Gaten Matarazzo get a real fucking job, we talk about Rachel Dolezal doing bisexual-face, and OJ Simpson’s brand new Twitter account. We also narrowly avoid talking about Kyle Kashuv getting rejected from Harvard for saying the n-word, and something else about Anita Sarkeesian being in the news. Phew!

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

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