Case File 120 with Ian Erickson

Do the thing, this week we have Ian Erickson of Punching Up on Thought Cops. He does the thing.

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Chicago comedian Ian Erickson of the Punching Up podcast joins Thought Cops for episode 120

Field Notes

SPOILER ALERT. We put all the things we talk about in the episode IN THIS POST. Lurkers beware. This week, we challenge Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise to a pizza roll eating contest, and NEITHER of them take us up on it.

Bad news for clown frogs everywhere, the “honk honk” meme got banned on Facebook. Also though, it didn’t. Looks like FAKE NEWS is a… REAL PROBLEM!

Also, hold off paying off your student loans until you’re at the end of your life (65), because if you do, it will only cost you TEN DOLLARS. Looks like instead of food, my generation will be eating the old.

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

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