Case File 12

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Welcome to episode 12 of Thought Cops. This episode we talk about stupid pants, Bill Nye the Cringe Guy, and the Apocalypse. Oops, I mean the “Adpocalypse.” My bad. One’s the end of the earth, the other is a group of people that call disgustingly call themselves “Youtubers” making twenty minute long videos complaining about “the community.”

The War on Berkeley continues today with Ann Coulter’s skirmish with the Antifa. I don’t know why they don’t just do what I do when I see Ann Coulter: change the channel.

We start today’s episode with a joke about Coachella being renamed to Sharkulafest, and I quickly find out that Officer Kevin doesn’t know who Sharkula is. Like he’s living under a god-damned rock. So if you’re one of the many out there who are both uncultured and uninformed, here’s the greatest rapper alive, Sharkula.

In this episode we also announce the new kid’s TV show we’re trying to pitch to network television. You knew them and loved them when you were a kid, but now they’ve really gotten into protesting and lighting trashcans on fire.

Is Baby Antifa Kermit a domestic terrorist, or just fighting the good fight against right wing authoritarianism? Find out on the next episode, “The Baby Antifa vs. the Nazi Menace!” The most perplexing thing about this picture is that his ideology leans left, but he’s a green frog, and those are typically associated with the right. Talk about a confusing case of identity politics.

Speaking of identity politics, here’s item number one on the long list of reasons why Trump won:

That’s right, the reason Trump is president is because of a television show that came out five months after the election. That aside, this makes me want to rename Coachella to Cringella and make this the headlining act. I’d cancel my Netflix in protest of this show, but if I don’t have access to Bojack Horseman, who the hell is supposed to be the hero I aspire to be one day?

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