Case File 116 with Hard Men Working Hard

Good day. This week on the beat we’re joined by the Hard Men Working Hard, Lakembra, Sam, and Aciou/Vistas. You can listen to them on Soundcloud, Youtube, Patreon, and their Bandcamp. Also check out their monthly podcast Filler Content, which is in basically all those links I just put.

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Hard Men Working Hard on Thought Cops episode 116

Show Notes

This week in honk honk clown world, we enter the dawn of a new culture war as Mr. Ratburn from somehow still-running PBS children’s show Arthur gets gay married. It’s as Karl Marx said in the Cultural Marxist Manifesto: “get together and make things better, by working together.” If you don’t think that’s bad, wait until you hear how despondent everyone becomes when we somehow end up talking about a Youtube makeup artist named James Charles. Maybe Uber is right in creating a quiet button for their drivers, except instead of only working in their cars, they silence everyone and everything.

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

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