Thought Cops: Case File 112

Konnichiwa! You’re tuning into Thought Cops radio scanner channel 69.6. Officer Kevin is currently radioing into the show in the middle of an undercover reconnaissance mission in Neo-Toyko 3 to investigate the horrors that video games are plaguing upon the public discourse this week.

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Thumbnail for episode 112 of Thought Cops, from Chicago to Japan

Show Notes

Make sure to buy tickets for the Boomer vs. Zoomer tour if you’ll be in Chicago on August 22nd, featuring former guests of Thought Cops Asterios Kokkinos, Mumkey Jones, and Sriracha. We’ll be opening for them. Get your tickets now!

Like we mentioned, Officer Kevin had to go to Japan this week after Nintendo was found to be using disability slurs in a video game’s song. In retaliation, we destroy a young gaming journalist’s career. We also go across the pond to France, because people won’t stop sharing vacation pictures on social media after a church burned down. So we had to go in and burn all the social media company headquarters down. That’s at least one of the reasons why Reddit isn’t working today.

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick.

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