Case File 107 with Brett Mercer of Big Time Garbage

Happy Garbage Day, everybody! This week on Thought Cops, we have returning champion Brett Mercer of Big Time Garbage!

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Professional comedian Brett Mercer from the Big Time Garbage podcast drops by for episode 107 of Thought Cops!

Show Notes

As we mentioned this episode, there’s a new shirt for sale on the Thought Cops store. I hope to sell at least one of them.

Feel the Bern, Bern the Feeling tshirt parody of Checkmate from Ultimate Muscle and Bernie Sanders

This week, we uncover the problems with the #yanggang and memetic warfare, an episode of the Simpsons promoting a child abuser 30 years ago, Tucker Carlson’s problematic statements from 10 years ago, dumbshit reality-deconstructing alien comics, the “cult” of Coloradoism, and another shitty meme format.

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