Case File 105 with Brandon Kirkman of Podzooky and Desks and Dayjobs

TONIGHT, ON THOUGHT COPS: Chicago Comedian Brandon Kirkman of the podcasts Podzooky and Desks and Dayjobs, which are all a part of the Machine Culture Collective.

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Brandon Kirkman, Chicago comedian and guest on episode 105 of Thought Cops

Show Notes

This episode, we’re talking about how beer has become the internet’s new bacon. And how every single platformer nowadays is a “Soulslike Metroidvania.”

We also cover the highly controversial Momo challenge that never fucking happened. I’m never believing anything I read online again. Speaking of which, apparently Captain Marvel is the greatest movie to ever grace the presence of theaters, according to Rotten Tomatoes. That’s the website I use to decide for myself if a movie is good or not. A guy also wore a dress to the Oscars, to which Tomi Lahren replied: “MASCULINITY IS FUCKING UNDER ATTACK.”

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