Case File 104 with Jake Flores of Pod Damn America

Click, click, boom! It’s another episode of Thought Cops, featuring Jake Flores of Pod Damn America! He’s one of Homeland Security’s Top Comics To Watch.

Episode 104 thumbnail for Thought Cops episode with Jake Flores of Pod Damn America

Show Notes

Federales, listen up: be sure to subscribe to Podzooky and Rock Bottom Cast this week to catch some hot guest appearances from your favorite officers of the thought. We also discuss some creative ideas people have been utilizing with our $10 Patreon tier. Our listeners are the best, aren’t they?

Me: Discusses grievances with social media grieving.

Also me: Has to do the rest of the show.

We gotta talk about this Jussie Smollett stuff. We gotta talk about John Wayne and the airport that’s named after him. But most of all, we gotta keep it civil because comments sections are under severe scrutiny as YouTube announced this week they can demonetize your video if the comments section gets too spicy.

So instead, be a carelord this week and tell your friends to listen to Thought Cops. Share the show, spread the word, and good things will come of it, we promise*!


*We have never and can never stand behind such claims.

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