Case File 103 with Tony of Hack the Movies

Hell yeah… it’s another episode of Thought Cops. This week, we are accompanied by Tony of Hack The Movies and Cinemassacre!

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Show Notes

Childhood ruined: the new Aladdin cashcow in the works from Disney finally showed off it’s new look for the Genie. Surprise: he’s blue! Surprise: it sucks! Thought you heard the last of the “-gate” suffix? Well, think again! Kamala Harris is in hot (bong) water this week as “reefergate” is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Top internet detectives were able to counter-research when Tupac albums came out, to when Ms. Harris claims to have smoked that sticky icky. With this kind of manpower, we could have cured cancer right now. Aziz Ansari addressed his scandal from a year back or so, too. Get a load of this and a lot more by listening to this thrilling episode of Thought Cops!

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