Case File 102 with Andrew Shankland

Get in, loser. It’s another episode of Thought Cops! This week we are joined by Chicago comedian Andrew Shankland! This week, we’re talking about #fuckfuckjerry, the Super Bowl, and Howard Schultz’s “people of wealth” comments.

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Show Notes

It’s been a busy week. We guested on the latest episode of Here’s What I Don’t Get. And you can GET it HERE. Sorry guys, saw the opportunity and had to go for it. We’ve also been more active on our twitch channel recently, so don’t forget to subscribe and you won’t miss a stream. We’ve got a new episode of Fire Bros out, and we sent out our personal mini-episodes to all of the Federales in the $10 Ride Along tier. Whew.

“Fuck FuckJerry”. Never thought you’d see that headline, did ya? Welcome to 2019. FuckJerry is under attack for jacking people’s content. The Superb*wl happened recently, and nobody liked it. Yet somehow it remains the most televised event in the country. No Spongebob homage? Disrespectful. We learn that you shouldn’t say the B-word anymore (Billionaires, that’s the last time I’m going to say it outside of this learning moment) and you should instead say “People of Wealth”. Or, PoW’s if you’re a lazy monster.

Thanks for listening everybody, and keep those sirens on for us.

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