Case File 10

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Welcome to big episode number 10 of Thought Cops. Today the Easter Bunny brought you not only a new episode, but a brand new theme song so awesome that you’ll want to grab whoever is sitting next to you and bash their face into an armrest.

This week we have a number of repeat offenders we have to deal with that didn’t learn their lesson the first time around, starting with United Airlines. By the time this episode comes out we’ll all already be sick of hearing about them.

As far as whether or not breaking someone’s face to get his seat from him is actually legal or not, it seems that it probably wasn’t. Here’s definitely real internet lawyer Leonard French explaining that point of view:

You can tell he’s a real lawyer by his hat. He did a few other videos on this that I could link to, but they’re like 20 minutes long and nobody wants that. The specific points he’s making here are the ones I was trying to make on the show.

Speaking of 20 minute videos, here’s the one I referenced alleging Reza Aslan misrepresents his academic credentials regarding his “expertise” around religion.

Why would CNN give this guy a TV show? I don’t know, why would anyone let us have a podcast? We’re not qualified to run a McDonalds, let alone a police department.

Last time we covered Marvel, we talked about how “diversity” was killing their comic book sales. Turns out it’s actually because they’ve been sneaking anti-religious propaganda messages into their artwork. Probably shouldn’t have hired Reza Aslan as an artist.

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