Case File 283: Serial Experiments LAN with Merritt K

Merritt K returns to Thought Cops to talk about her upcoming photo book LAN Party!

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Field Notes

Recalling memories of days on the internet of old, Merritt K talks to us about her book LAN Party, which is full of photos of people just hanging out on the computer and having an awesome time with their friends. It’s a delightful walk down memory lane, to simpler (yet slightly more convoluted) times.

You can support the book LAN Party here!

Was the internet better back then? Is it actually worse now? Will the Mario movie be good? All questions will be answered on this very episode.

In other news, apparently The Office is too edgy to be made now, and you can pee any time you want during Avatar 2 as long as you pay for a ticket to see it multiple times.

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