Case File 277: SEASON TWO?! with Ari Grabb

The podcast you know and love is entering “season 2” nearly 6 years in! It’s a whole new world order of Thought Cops, baby! Let us know what you think!

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? Well you shouldn’t be. Ari Grabb is back on the show to talk about the fourth entry in his Bento Banana animated series! It’s a loaded episode from top to bottom.

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Field Notes

Two Minutes Of Hate? I don’t know her. We’re just vibing. But it wouldn’t be Thought Cops without an update from Tim Allen or something.

Drama around Bayonetta 3 has taken some interesting twists and turns, and Kanye West is in the limelight agai- oh no.

We dive into the mindset of the modern day cartoonist, and the cartoonist looks back and reflects the world upon us. All that and more in season two of Thought Cops!

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

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