Case File 110 with Alex Prevolos and Deputy Marty

Lock and load bitch, it’s episode 110 of Thought Cops. This week we’re joined by Chicago comedian and owner of The Storefront, Alex Prevolos, and his cousin Marty aka @extremelypeace on Twitter.

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Thought Cops episode thumbnail with guests Alex Prevolos and Marty @extremelypeace

Show Notes

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This week, Alex and Marty help us fight the good fight against unfunny twitter accounts, otherwise healthy 20 year olds with one foot in the grave, Fugazi Economics, slow walkers, medical degrees in popping pimples, celebrity millionaires pretending to be normies, and much more. This is a packed episode, folks.

We also get fooled into talking about Tinder height verification during the episode. Stay tuned to the next episode for the stunning conclusion where we rip Tinder a new asshole for doing an April Fool’s Day prank A FULL FUCKING WEEK BEFORE APRIL. I sure hope Tinder headquarters isn’t flammable. We also talk about the declining rate of men under 30 having sex. Feels bad, man.

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick.

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