Case File 108 with Dick Masterson

PRESENTING: episode 108 of Thought Cops, with America’s Wingman himself, host of The Dick Show, Dick Masterson. Also the creator of New Project 2 and a timeless masterpiece of satire. He gets to be on episode 108 because he never got a 108 of his own on The Biggest Problem (rest in peace).

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Dick Masterson dropping in for episode 108 of Thought Cops

Show Notes

This week, Dick helps us tackle the problems of Instagram/Snapchat stories of people watching tv, tech companies that are so progressive that they’re puritanical, and the 10 habits of extremely productive people. Hard hitting commentary as usual.

In actual news though, we talk about the culpability of entertainers like Pewdiepie in the wake of national tragedies, JK Rowling’s revisionist historical perspectives toward her own made up world, cat fuckers, and the curious case of Egg Boy.

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