Fire Bros: Episode 3

Download Episode 3 of Fire Bros Here

Welcome to Episode 3 of Fire Bros! This week, we’re reviewing The Emoji Movie, The Problem With Apu, Season 3 of Netflix’s Love, and Deadpool 2.

We’re also debuting a new draft of the theme song. I’ve been incredibly busy, so recording the final product is taking me longer than I would’ve liked. On the plus side, you get to listen to the song as I’m working on it. Consider it a privilege.

We also messed around with the formula a little bit, by sort of challenging each other to two pieces of media to review for next episode. Of course, we’re always looking for suggestions so if one of the things we mentioned we’d see for next episode isn’t on there, drop us a comment or tweet at us!

Thanks for listening, and thanks for continuing to support the show!

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