Thought Cops: Episode 75

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Come one, come all (nice), to the show that never ends: Thought Cops, “Episode 75”. This week, boyfriend of the show Gumshoe Robbie joins us yet again to impart upon us his trademark wisdom. Make sure to check out his band The Dirty Nines. They rule.

Guess what? Yep, you guessed it. We get into it again this week. We get into all sorts of trouble: Star Wars prequel apologists. Unreliable sources of information. Is that pizza I smell? Well, Papa has left the damn building.

Apparently you can brainwash people by having them watch others eating chicken wings. We really learned a lot today. I hope you will enjoy learning with us.

Remember, you can always leave us a voicemail at 312-788-7361. Make sure it isn’t offensive though, or you could lose your job in 20 years at the Walmart space coal mines. Don’t forget to help support us on Patreon.

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