Thought Cops: Episode 70

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Welcome to Episode 70 of thoughtcops.butts! This week, we’re joined by Jake and Ron of Big Sword Panel, who help us ring in 10,000 DOWNLOADS of Thought Cops with a freshly opened bottle of Jeppson’s Malort. Jeppson’s Malort: now when people tell you to pick your poison, you can!

We have a good amount of voicemails to go through this episode, plus we try and clear the air on the Asterios vomit audio from last episode and the mess that I created when I told him to put it on and sell it.

This week, we talk about IHOP turning into… IHOb??? Plus the Miss America pageant cancels the swimsuit competition, much to the dismay of all the 80 year old men that get off watching it. Put it back in your pants, grandpa. Speaking of putting things in their rightful places, Google puts the egg in their salad emoji back in its rightful place: up their own asses.

We also tackle the “okay, for everyone who didn’t get the joke” responses to tweets, the “unpopular opinion” popular opinion trend of taking a popular opinion and saying that it’s unpopular in an attempt to make the world’s coldest hot take, and Bernie Sanders fights Alex Jones in the ultimate shinobi showdown at the Valley of the End. All this and more on Episode 70 of Thought Cops.

Don’t forget to leave us a five star review on iTunes, we’ve run out of them to read at the end of the episode. So get your voice heard! We’ve also submitted our show to Spotify, so hopefully in a number of weeks you’ll be able to listen to it on there.

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