Thought Cops: Episode 66

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Happy “Winesday!!!”~~ Welcome to “Wine and Thought Crime,” here on 69.6 WKUK the Cuck! The only podcast where we don’t keep going unless the wine keeps flowing! 🍷🌺🍷

Galpals Karen and Gwen get into some really tricky topics this week- yikes! Well, it’s like we always say here on the show, “if you can’t do the time, don’t drink the wine”! That’s right, and this week’s gossip comes directly from THE place to be this week- the Met Gala!

Did you hear? Grimes showed up at the event with none other than Mr. Moneybags himself, Elon Musk! Well, that’s a bombshell and a half! Haha! But I’m not saying I wouldn’t do a few things and pull a few strings to see a piece of that epic bacon money…

We also talk french acrylic nails (SO 2001), why white people shouldn’t take drugs from indigenous cultures, and the future of Nintendo’s classic gaming library on current-gen consoles.

Watch out for the “popo” mobile, cause we’re drinkin’ wine, and there’s ALL sorts of thought crime! So, thanks for listening, and don’t be afraid to leave us a voicemail at 312-788-7361. And hey, it wouldn’t hurt if you had a few glasses of cabernet in ya! Haha!

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