Thought Cops: Episode 64

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Presented in mind-bending 64-bit graphics, welcome to Thought Cops episode 64! This week we’re joined in-studio by Mr. Ben Carson who draws pictures of us. In addition, joining us from Neo-Michigan, we chat with David from Dreamkeepers! Here’s a video of the cartoon pilot “Hard Crime” that he pitched to Comedy Central:

We also challenged our listeners to draw their best Brouroboros: the infinite loop of a bro sucking his own dick. Please see the image below for reference.

Send us your best attempts at, or tweet them at us! We want to turn this into some sort of a contest.

This week we talk about the endless void of movie remakes, dismissive retorts propped up by Favs, Likes, and RTs, sectarian political facebook groups, and stupid condescending messages when you turn down promotional things on websites.

This week, Kanye is back on twitter. And we can’t seem to stop thinking about his every move.  I can’t stop scratching my head in frustration… or maybe that’s the shampoo I got at my hotel. They never have the kind I’m allowed to use.

As always, don’t forget to leave us a five star review on iTunes so we can read it at the end of the episode. And while you’re at it, leave us a voicemail: 312-788-7361. We’ll play it on the air and do whatever you say, boss.

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