Thought Cops: Episode 59

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Welcome to Thought Cops, Episode 59! Tonight, Jay welcomes: Zwick, audio engineer and producer extraordinaire! AKA, the guy that edits audio for Asterios Kokkinos. You can find him on twitter at @dude2o. Or if you’re angry at him for some reason, @dude20.

This week, we’re hating for a full 2 minutes on the real color of tennis balls, professional journalist Pim Tool, and people who brag about how they aren’t going to watch problematic content creator’s content. Here’s the Tim Pool video Zwick referenced in the episode:

We also talk about the Count Dankula verdict and Ricky Gervais’ newest special. Count Dankula is the guy who was recently convicted in Scotland for the crime of teaching his girlfriend’s pug to do a Nazi salute. Yeah, seriously.

With him being found guilty of being offensive, there’s barely a reason for us to keep doing this show. Just kidding, tweet all your hate speech to @policescotland because fuck those people. It won’t change anything, but it might make you feel better.

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