Thought Cops: Episode 53

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Welcome to Thought Cops, Episode 53! This week we’re joined by Biggest Mikey of the Biggest Mikey Podcast! You can find him on Twitter, Youtube, Patreon, iTunes, and fuckin a hundred other places if you Google his name. So make sure to give his show a listen, I think fans of this show would enjoy his show very much.

This episode, Mikey helps us take down people in online bloodsports, people who use the fake movie format meme, and idiotic scientific studies that only serve to project a cartoonish worldview, much like you would see on Toon Town.

But this week’s top story is Black Panther getting a bad review. One person gave the movie a 3/5 on Rotten Tomatoes, and humanity decided to give him a 1/5 as a person. We’re currently working on getting Rotten Tomatoes taken off the internet. We also talk about non-crunching, quiet, lady-Doritos that may or may not exist, and the backlash against Amy Schumer’s new movie. Because although Amy Schumer is fat and ugly, she’s not fat enough and not ugly enough for some people. Yeah, you read that right.

We’re gearing up to do our first bonus episode on Patreon, so make sure to subscribe here. We’ll do at least one every month, and they’re only $2. With “Thought Cops” being 1984 related, the name of the bonus episodes are going to be something having to do with Fahrenheit 451. Expect to see the first one within a month.

We’re also working on a new logo, so make sure to SUBSCRIBE TO US ON PATREON so we can pay for it!


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