Thought Cops: Episode 48

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Wee-woo, welcome to Thought Cops! This episode, we jump the horse and play a bunch of voicemails and comments we’ve gotten over the past few weeks. We spend about half the episode talking about the Logan Paul snafu, and no, I’m not linking to it. It’s been taken down anyway and I’m not going out of my way to find it. Is this one of the rare times when the internet outrage mob was justified? TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT!

We also talk about Oregon joining the 21st century and having to pump their own gasoline like everyone else has been doing forever. We also talk about Lorde’s boycott of Israel and why people need to STOP DEMANDING THE CORRECT POLITICAL OPINIONS OF 20 YEAR OLD POP SINGERS WHO AREN’T NECESSARILY EDUCATED ON SUCH MATTERS. We also cover Bernie Sanders and his $600 jacket, which matters for some reason that I already forgot.

Hold onto your hats folks, because this one’s a wild ride. Like always, drop us a rating on iTunes, subscribe on Youtube, and give us a ring at 312-788-7361 to drop us a voicemail.

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2 Responses to Thought Cops: Episode 48

  1. Nate UnderArmour says:

    This episode was much better than the last one. Know your place.
    P.s. Grant stop being such a performative bleeding heart, we all know what you would do under similar circumstances.


  2. Buck Hunter says:

    If you fuck with my subscription, prepare to lawyer up. Nate, can you believe this shit?


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