Thought Cops: Episode 35

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Welcome to Thought Cops, fellow cartoon characters. This week, we’re joined by our show’s own Stenographer, as well as the notorious Deputy Sleepytime. You know, from the voicemails. They’re here to help us dig through the disgusting pile of sludge that is modern day social media, to help investigate the most heinous of outrage-inducing news stories.

Here’s the Milo exposé Buzzfeed released this week that I mentioned. It’s like a billion pages so don’t bother reading it all, just take our words for it.

Here’s the only news headline that makes sense to me anymore: “Rocket Man and Dotard Go Bonkers in Toontown.” Yes, that’s real. Yes, it’s the Washington Post.

Here’s the Papyrus video from SNL:

Plus the guy who created the font “speaking out” about the video. Kill me.

We also mentioned Anthony Fantano this episode, and the “alt-right meme” channel he supposedly had. Considering we recorded this Friday, and are posting it Tuesday night, we didn’t have the chance to fit in this update. We’ll cover it next episode.

We also have a story on semen flutes, a 40 year old Nazi-killing videogame series that’s somehow controversial nowadays, the death of AOL Instant Messenger, Cam Newton thinks women talking about sports-ball is amusing, and the Monopoly Man willed himself into existence to protest Equifax.

Like always, make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or Google Play. Give us a call at 312-788-7361 (312-PENGUINS) and let us know what’s outraging you on the internet this week. Thoughts and prayers.

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