Thought Cops: Episode 13

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Welcome to episode 13 of Thought Cops. This episode we talk about #FireColbert, the failed Fyre Festival, and firing Jimmy Kimmel out of a cannon for his disgusting healthcare propaganda.

This week, we’re joined by special guest Deputy Doug. This was our first time with a three mic setup, so sorry ahead of time for the amount of extra noise in the audio. It’ll sound better next time. At least it sounds better than when we recorded these on my phone.

We begin the episode talking about stapling sombreros to heads on Cinco De Mayo, and end with talking about a pretentious comic about creative people that’s apparently a year old but just recently came into the public spotlight for being fucking stupid. Then again, it’s on the internet, so why wouldn’t it be fucking stupid.

We also tackle the controversial Fyre Festival, an infamous clusterfuck of a tropical island music festival started by Ja Rule and Jean-Ralphio. I’m sure I’m not the first to make that joke, but I mean seriously. Fucking come on. If American life ends up becoming anymore of a reality show, I may end up hanging myself in a lighthouse somewhere.

We also talk about Jimmy Kimmel sniveling through his monologue talking about his son’s traumatic birth. Typical smug liberal. If I wanted someone shoving their political opinion down my throat, I would’ve gone FUCKING ANYWHERE, BECAUSE THERE’S NO AVOIDING IT ANYMORE. I mean I’m all for freedom of speech, but all this nonsense about how politics can effect real people with real life problems really puts a bad taste in my mouth.

May the 7th be with you.

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