Thought Cops: Episode 83

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We’re back. We got it right this time. We really almost couldn’t get it together this week.

The cousins return! Blake and Justin lend their wise minds to the show, to touch on things such as why good girls always fall for bad guys. Riley from Mighty Morphin Power Hour was in town visiting and joined us on mic as well!

This week’s all about the heroes in society. Not speaking metaphorically, of course. I’m talking about SUPER heroes! Spider-Man and Superman are both in the news this week. What happened to them?? Tune in and find out.

We also talk about the Beatles jerking off together, Norm MacDonald’s big new controversy, and Gymcels, so hold onto your gains.

We got a bunch of voicemails this week as well: 312-788-7361. Join in on the fun! Leave one, and we’ll play it on the show. You can also support us at Patreon for bonus content and more. Thanks, love you all.

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Thought Cops: Episode 82

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Welcome to the swamp- it’s Thought Cops, “Episode 82”! This week, we’re joined by Deputy Niko! Niko came with us on our pilgrimage to Shrek Fest. So we talk about the disaster that was. You can also commission her to draw normal stuff, Shrek Rule 34 stuff, and more, here.

How is this podcast still free? Oh wait, it’s better than free if you donate to our Patreon.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Nicole Jubrail, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

We talk about that stupid face Elon Musk makes when he smokes weed on Joe Rogen’s podcast. You know the one. Fuck everything. We talk about Alex Jones and Marco Rubio. Fuck everything. A guy allegedly sets his house on fire while burning his Nike products. Fuck everything.

Call into the show. The number is 312-788-7361. We’ll play your voicemail on air. Remind us what it’s like to feel pleasure in this world. Thanks for listening.

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Thought Cops: Episode 81

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Wiggity-wiggity-welcome to Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by Andrea and Mackenzie of the Talk of Shame podcast! It’s another wacky cartoon crossover, folks!

Before we get into the serious bullshit, we have new merch from John Sammis!

Stunning. Come get some over at our store to support us! We’d really, really appreciate you!


So… Louis CK’s in the news, huh? Eh… Uh… Hey, Alex Jones, he’s in the news, too?

Eh… Uh…


Don’t you hate it when people post concerts to their instagram and snapchat stories? Right?! Like, who has the time for that?! Unbelievable!! The nerve of some people.

Thanks for continuing to listen to the show. It gives us life. And laugh, and love. Haha. Hey, don’t forget to leave us a voicemail to play on the show at 312-788-7361! It’s fun! You know what’s even more fun? If you support us on Patreon for just $5 a month, you can join our discord server. If the last couple episodes have proven anything- it’s worth it.

“Peace be with you” -Spike, Cowboy Bebop (1998)

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Thought Cops: Episode 80

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This, is “Episode 80”. And these, are our stories.Ep80final

This week, our bitter rival Allan Foster of the podcast Not For Human Consumption  joins us, as does returning friend of the show Deputy Josh!

Speaking of the show: we have shirts and hoodies available for sale now!


Wow. Incredible. You can get one of these yourself over at our store! Tell your friends about the show without telling them anything at all: say it with a shirt! All profits go towards funding the show. So, if you like Thought Cops, and you like Inkuusan’s masterful artwork: go get one now!

Ahem. Onto the business at hand.

We really get into a lot this week, in the short span of a single episode. Unironic use of the word “soy”? Fuck you! Facebook friend requests followed by “hey check out my band”? Go to hell! Accidental unfollow/re-follows on twitter? We’re so sorry Mike.

The “millenial massacre-ist” has struck again. This week’s victim? Hooters. Hooters was last seen in critical condition, witnesses say she should pull through, should millenials return to spend money on re-heated frozen food at their establishment.

All that and a LOT more on this thrilling 80th installment of the internet outrage mob’s number one podcast! Thanks to all who continue to donate on Patreon– we’ve surpassed $50 a month! How cool that we make anything doing this show. Our $5 tier has received a significant upgrade as well: for just $5 a month, you not only get access to all episodes of our spin-off show Fire Bros, but you also get to be a part of the conversation live every single week on discord! Once you donate, you’ll be invited to join our discord server, and if this episode is any indication, it really adds to the show’s madness.

Don’t forget to leave us your voicemails, too! 312-788-7361. We play a bunch of those, too.

Whew. Thanks for everything, y’all.

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Thought Cops: Episode 79

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Welcome to episode 79 of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by Antoids, the Reverse Audio Engineer of the Biggest Problem in the Universe Uncucked Episodes. He also has a YouTube channel, Digital Roots, and a brand new podcast called Branching Out. He’s also got a Patreon.

If you’ve been following our battle against Not For Human Consumption to get onto the See You Next Tuesday Podcasting Network, we’ve won! And so did they! When we recorded the episode we didn’t know that yet, so make sure to listen to get the full scoop.

This week, we point our long dick of the law at shitty swype keyboards, people who use the phrase “self-own,” and Twitter nuking millions of bots and ruining your follower count. We also talk about all the things millenials have killed, the death of Emuparadise, the new Batwoman takes her Twitter down, and an update on the war against New York and Chicago pizza. We might’ve talked about professional gamer Ninja not wanting to stream with women, but I don’t remember, and honestly, who the fuck cares.

Don’t forget to follow us on Patreon, and also check out our new merch store on Teespring! We have a set of mugs out right now, keep an eye out for other stuff we start selling.

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We also just hit 15,000 downloads. Thanks everybody for listening!

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Thought Cops: Episode 78

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Welcome to Thought Cops- where if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Wow, that rhymes, awesome.

It’s “Episode 78”, and we are joined by the one and only Justin Whang! Justin’s YouTube channel just surpassed 150,000 subscribers. If you are a fan of the work we do here on Thought Cops, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll enjoy Justin’s work as well.

So, let’s get right to it. Alex Jones got banned from multiple platforms this week. If you didn’t spend your week reading Reply Guys arguing back and forth over the subject, I don’t know what to tell you, you probably lead a happy, healthy life.

ALSO: if you get the chance, please CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and vote YES on both polls on the page. It should look like this:

We’re trying to best Not For Human Consumption to get our show onto the See You Next Tuesday podcasting network. This is the contest, ignore the rest on the page, just vote YES!!!

Speaking of that, never forget to value the life you have. You never know when it could be unexpectedly snuffed out, like Luigi. Our poor, well-hung friend. Rest in peace, buddy. He never got to live to the ripe, old, age of- oh yeah, apparently they added “old” to LGBT now. Like it or not, live long enough and you’ll be in the LGBTO club. You heard it here first, folks.

We play a whole bunch of listener voicemails this week. It’s really fun, you should give us a call sometime: 312-788-7361. And consider supporting us on Patreon as we just dropped another episode of our internationally-acclaimed spin-off podcast Fire Bros!

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Fire Bros: Episode 4

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Welcome to Episode 4 of Fire Bros! The only show where we save humanity by burning its contents. This week, we put flame to page as we talk about Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, James Acaster’s Repertoire, the live action Fullmetal Alchemist, the Digimon Movie, and Better Call Saul Season 3. You’ll never guess what burns and what stays.

Thanks to everyone who subscribes to these bonus episodes. They’ve really helped us fund the show in so many different ways. Any comments or criticisms are welcome, as well as suggestions for other material for us to cover!

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